We provide both a supply and fit, or fit your own equipment service. Our standard 'hardwire' installation means no trailing cables, with power sourced from behind the dash from either a fuse box or other suitable feed. This keeps your cigarette lighter or accessory socket free for your own use, and keeps your car interior clutter free with all necessary wiring run behind trims and roof lining.

We endeavour to briefly run through the camera installation locations before we get to work, to ensure customer satisfaction with the end result. Positioning  may vary from vehicle to vehicle, but we will always try to maximise the camera view whilst keeping within legal vision requirements of the driver.

Many cameras now come with added 'parking mode' protection, recording whilst the vehicle is turned off. We can help you set this feature up, if applicable, however we have found many budget cameras do not have the necessary battery  voltage protection required in some cases to stop your vehicle battery from being depleted if left for a long period. We will advise on the best method of installation or recommend alternative options, such as an additional power bank or the BlackVue power magic pro, if needs must.



 An industry leading brand, with an excellent reputation for producing high quality, reliable dash cameras. As a stockist, we hold a range of cameras in stock but can also order equipment and accessories quickly. Contact us for more information and pricing.